Digitalize your purchasing catalog

These days, the UX (User’s Experience) is key. The end consumer wants to find in their professional life the same things that simplifies his or her private life daily such as online shopping websites. In addition, B2C practices influence those from the B2B and increase the the growth of market space.

Having said that we don’t become a buyer by applying the rules of what works in a B2C universe to B2B. Strategic subjects such as compliance, reporting’s requirements or the respect of the companies’ policy are essential for the establishment of a project like this. That is why, EPSA Marketplace’ experts dust the concerns of the creation of an online B2B purchasing platform while respecting the requirements of the company’s policy.

They are going the master the whole process of the market by embedding your suppliers and catalogs, while defining the most suitable technology for your project and become the platform operator. This will allow you to focus on the heart of your job as well as more strategic purchases. Our experts will also be qualified to insure the management of your market.

Our action fields


Establishment of a marketplace for your catalog purchases


Management of a marketplace as well as operator

EPSA marketplace solution

Our added value

EPSA Marketplace will pilot the project and assume the role of platform operator. Our experts will build with you a marketplace that reflects to your image.

  • Digitalization of the purchasing process : The creation of a market space allows to digitalize your entire purchasing process, from sourcing to the payment of invoices.
  • Implementation’s ease : EPSA Marketplace adapts to your technology and your e-procurement tools already here in your company (in front office, middle or back office) to implement your marketplace and to choose with you the operator that will best suit your needs.
  • Respect of the company’s policy : EPSA Marketplace will engage to define the validation and ordering process as part of your company’s policy. We will also define what should appear in the catalog, the access rights, the prices, the updates …
  • Your embedded catalogs in the platform : EPSA Marketplace will install your suppliers’ base on the platform and update your suppliers’ data while offering to source alternative solutions. In addition, thanks to technology; the experts will import your catalogs directly into the tool.
  • A unique User’s Experience : The interface can be customized to comply strictly with the rules, usage and conditions already in force in your company.
  • Simplifying the invoicing process : In addition to the integrated reporting within the functionalities of the platform, the invoicing process is simplified since the prices are adjusted to your actual consumption. Due to this simplification of the invoicing process, you will gain in terms of payment time and responsiveness.

Your goals, our solutions

Experts of EPSA Marketplace will build a custom made online purchasing platform, which will comply with your company’s policy. From the definition of a purchasing policy to the choice of a technologic partner, the experts will work hand in hand with you to co-build a platform that suits you.

It is also possible to delegate the management of your online purchasing platform to EPSA’ experts. They will then ensure the correct purchase, payment and the delivery of your products.

EPSA Marketplace offers a simple access to a collection of optimized catalogs by streamlining the order and payment process in order to simplify the purchase of hundreds of products or/ and services.