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Due to its power in its ultra- competitive production costs and specialized technical skills in the electronic field, Asia in the same way as countries of Eastern and Central Europe (CEE) is often known as the Eldorado of buyers. However, these countries with optimized costs entice buyers but can worry them as well. The reason, the concern over quality control or difficulties from suppliers whose culture, professional practices, legal, financial… can be distant from ours, that’s why there could be misunderstandings..

For the Asia- Pacific zone, Epsa provides branches located in Shanghai and an antenna in Dalian as well as offices in Slovakia (Košice) and Romania (Bucharest) for Central and Eastern Europe. EPSA Marketplace puts to good use (for its customers) perfect knowledge for those zones.
Its teams are 100% local (Asia or Central Europe). They compliment companies which don’t own a purchasing structure in Asia and/ or Central and Eastern Europe. For that reason, EPSA Marketplace built an outsourcing or/and consulting for every aspect of the purchase process. From supplier sourcing to quality control.

Our action fields


Outsourcing of a purchasing structure in Asia- Pacific zone (APAC) and CEE (Central and Eastern Europe)


Audit to increase purchasing performance in Asia- Pacific zone (APAC) and CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).

EPSA marketplace solution

Our added value

With its local teams (In China and Central Europe), EPSA Marketplace perfectly masters the machinery and the peculiarities of the purchasing process in countries of APAC and CEE zones in various fields such as industry, electronic or industrial.

Your goals, our solutions

EPSA Marketplace’s Consulting branch is capable of auditing the practices of your Purchasing Department relative to its provision in Asia and in Central Europe and/ or in Eastern Europe, with the vision of making recommendations and helping you to move forward.

EPSA Marketplace’s experts know perfectly the local suppliers in Asia and in the CEE. They can accompany you to facilitate the exchanges, identify the proper suppliers even negotiate on international events such as the Chinese Export Commodities Fair or the China International Furniture Expo in Shanghai for furniture from Asia.

EPSA Marketplace Experts can put in place, solid performance base for your purchasing in Asia or/ and in CEE zone. Thanks to their knowledge, they are going to identify, source, negotiate and assure the quality control of your purchasing to guarantee you the best performance gains and quality.

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