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Spot purchases or savage purchases, are purchases known as class B and C that are judged to be not strategic or strategic enough. If B class purchases (IT equipment, travels, vehicle fleet …) are recurrent and do not present any added value, those known as C class (furniture, equipment for individual protection, office supplies…) are modest amounts, with a slight recurrence. But these two types of purchases can generate important costs due to the burden of the administrative management. The reduction of the supplier base is generally a strong incentive for savings.

These purchases are easily outsourceable with potential gains in terms of purchasing conditions (negotiation, savings), of productivity (rationalization of the process and the decreasing of the number of suppliers) and management expenditures (monitoring of consumption and systematic application of framework contracts).

Experts from EPSA Marketplace offer companies who wish to focus on their strategic purchases to outsource their entire process (class B and C purchases) to national and/ or international levels, from the requirement up to the reception of the order.
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Outsourcing of class B and C purchases: reduction or / and the consolidation of the supplier base, supplier negotiation, order follow-up, reporting and after sale service…

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Our international teams are experts in purchasing. Their perfect knowledge of the work and technological tools allows them to guarantee you purchasing performance in your company.

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To allow you to focus on your strategic purchases, EPSA Marketplace’s experts take charge of your class B and C purchases, from A to Z. They maximize gains on these purchasing categories by reducing costs.

EPSA Marketplace’s experts can manage your supplier relations from reception of the order to the delivery of the goods while also assuring after sales service.

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