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EXPERBUY renews the obtaining of the Diversity Label in 2018 by integrating BuyzeWay into the scope of labelisation

According to the conclusions of the evaluation report, conducted by the auditor of AFNOR, and following the committee in front of 25 people, the diversity appears integrated in the values of the group. This observation, made during the evaluation, echoes the synthesis of a recent study conducted in the form of a participatory brainstorming (130 people), where Diversity emerged as one of the 5 values of the company guaranteeing the performance (our values: smiling – listening – sharing – openminded).

Here are some important points in our organization explaining why we obtain the Diversity Label again:

The Group Management considers Diversity as a fundamental parameter of the management of the company guaranteeing its development and its durability, its commitment is total.

The internal promotion of Diversity within the Group is a reality perceived by the employees, which are involved individually and collectively in their daily lives, naturally and without apparent effort.

The recruitment and internal promotion / career management policy fully takes into account this diversity dimension, but with a strong focus on the skills and potential of the candidates.

The Group has annual 2-digit growth with the creation of offices abroad. There is, each time, deployment of diversity management and related tools.

The new code of ethics validated by the Management Committee on 18/09/2017 with the first point, the fight against discrimination in a global environment complements this commitment.

Many positive feedbacks were obtained during individual interviews. They recall that career management is consistent with the diversity policy and focuses on recognizing the skills and abilities, as well as the personal aspirations of individuals.

We are committed to ensuring that all of our teams continue to promote Diversity within the group in the coming years across all of its global agencies.