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EPSA group becomes the main purchasing “market place” in Europe with the acquisition of ExperBuy.

EPSA stands out as the key player in the purchasing outsourcing and consulting market.

Since 2001, EPSA, the European leader in business performance consulting, has been supporting its customers on all categories of spend. To support its customers worldwide, EPSA group wanted to strengthen its outsourcing of purchasing with the acquisition of ExperBuy, a reference provider on the market. EPSA stands out and reinvents the codes of the purchasing sector!

Present in about twenty countries, EPSA group is becoming the leader in all the business performance fields on an international scale.

“Global competition and the digital transition require business leaders to focus on crucial competitiveness factors, and purchasing is part of it … The group’s latest acquisitions allow us to offer our customers a full set of essential services for performance performance and becoming a key player in the procurement and cost optimization market. With ExperBuy, we become a global player that will combine the power of our technologies with unique purchasing expertise. ” Matthieu Gufflet, CEO of EPSA Group

The landscape of the evolving purchasing sector, EPSA Group stands out

While improving performance is not new in the managerial agenda of companies, the challenges of transformation today lead companies to look for partners capable of accompanying them and helping them to focus on their core business.

In addition, the need to optimize costs is now combined with the desire to limit supplier risks in a context of increasingly stringent regulations for large groups. We are thus witnessing a growing demand for marketplaces to outsource certain purchases, especially for non-recurring needs.

EPSA group’s strategy is to offer its services on all the needs of a purchasing department, be it in the phase of analyzing the spend, the execution of tenders, the reduction of costs or Outsourcing of certain non-strategic functions through specialized marketplaces. This 360 ° vision will help to blur the usual boundaries between consulting, outsourcing and cost reduction, thus building the business partner of choice.

EPSA group and ExperBuy : a unique offer on the market, a shared vision, a shared conviction

This merger will enable EPSA to accelerate its development – especially internationally – and to make a unique marketplace at the crossroads of technology and purchasing consulting. The Group becomes a key player in the outsourcing of purchasing with 220 employees and a turnover of more than 260 million euros.

“This is a great opportunity for ExperBuy to join EPSA group. This merger will strengthen our expertise in the procurement market with a comprehensive offer and support our customers on more ambitious projects. Our desire is to provide companies with simple solutions for efficient purchases. ” says Jacques-Emmanuel Durand, CEO of ExperBuy

“EPSA group has been able to understand the evolution and changes of companies and the need to transform themselves to support them. Today we benefit from the latest technological developments, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence and automated document reading. EPSA is able to offer its customers a market place in the purchasing sector with targeted, specialized expertise while keeping a close relationship with its interlocutors.” Says Bertrand Mabille, partner of EPSA group

About EPSA Group

EPSA is one of the European leaders in organizational consulting and operational performance. EPSA supports more than 600 clients including 36 CAC40 companies. With strong expertise in the field of purchasing, of social and tax charges optimization, of innovation financing, the BPO (central purchasing), EPSA group continues its development by the integration and reconciliation of Partners with high added value.

The Group achieved a consolidated turnover of 95 million euros in 2017.

This new step enables EPSA Group to continue its transformation into the world of Augmented Consulting and to position itself as the pioneer of a new sector of ConsulTech.

About ExperBuy

ExperBuy, a leading supplier in the procurement outsourcing market, provides its customers with a range of simple, flexible and innovative services to create value for their customers, to offer motivating careers to its employees and to sustain the future of the company.

The company provides simple solutions for efficient purchasing, to act in the essential directions: human resources, the dematerialization of processes and e-business, the international footprint …