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As you know, in October 2018, ExperBuy joined the EPSA International Group. For several years EPSA held BuyPro and Salamander Fare Trade. BuyPro having been merged with Salamander Fare Trade.

The EPSA Group is a major player in the optimization of operational performance.



In order to bring greater coherence and positioning to the market, we decided to refocus all of the Group’s brands around the EPSA brand.
The keywords of our positioning being:

  • Performance
  • Growth
  • Optimization
  • 4 entities
  • Customer Focus

The 4 entities mentioned above are:

  • EPSA Tax & Innovation
  • EPSA Operations & Procurement
  • EPSA MarketPlace
  • EPSA Digital Solutions

EPSA MarketPlace is the combination of ExperBuy and Salamander – Fare Trade. It is for this reason that you will see, from now and gradually, EPSA MarketPlace replacing ExperBuy and Salamander Fare Trade on all of our communications.

It does not change the names of the companies that serve you, so it does not change the corporate names.
We continue to evolve, to innovate, to serve you better.

We are, of course, at your disposal for any further information.