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Our corporate social responsibility has been a cornerstone of EPSA Marketplace since its creation. Major steps forward were taken when we obtained our Diversity label in 2013; this was followed by the creation of BuyzeWay (“Entreprise Adaptée”) in 2015. These actions have allowed EPSA MarketPlace to accelerate in its ambition to be a company with high human added value.

An essential driver of the company’s business conduct and HR policy, the commitments and projects bolstered in 2019 thanks to the creation of the group’s own CSR Department have resulted in a score of 70/100 in CSR performance. This result places the company in the top 5% of responsible companies. This is a tangible sign of transformation that moves us closer to our ambition of becoming a leading player in sustainable business performance. This is a positive milestone for the company, which is now committed to maintaining and improving its high standards in terms of Social and Human Rights, Ethics, Environment and Responsible Purchasing.



The essence of EPSA MarketPlace is highlighted by this distinction. We are very proud to see that our values and commitments, transformed into best practices, are recognized by EcoVadis. The major challenges of our time will require further agility to continuously transform companies and their practices. Therefore, we expect the momentum to continue as we keep on aiming at improving on all possible criteria. On many levels, this is an important accolade for the company. We believe these kinds of actions are necessary for society and essential for life on Earth.”


Geoffrey Lietar, EPSA MarketPlace CEO






The EcoVadis Rating covers a broad range of non-financial management systems including Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impacts. Each company is rated on the material issues as they pertain to their company’s size, location and industry.

These evidence-based assessments are refined into easy to read scorecards, providing zero to one hundred (0-100) scores, and medals (bronze, silver, gold), when applicable.

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